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Marriage can be a beautiful thing that happens to you, especially with the spouse you always had dreamt of. But, it can be challenging to share the rest of your life with another person. So, how can you strengthen your relationship for a long time and become to how to be a better spouse to keep the spark alive in your relationship?

We all need to know that if you want the best life partner, you have to become a better spouse, as both spouses have to do their parts in a healthy marriage.

When it comes to becoming a better spouse, it’s not rocket science- you can build a happy, connected, and healthy marriage with understanding, better communication, support, little effort, and patience. In this guideline, I’ll uncover 15 healthy & realistic ways to become a better spouse and lead a successful marriage. Let’s begin!

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Marriage requires a long-time work in process

Marriage does not just happen on the basis of love. It is a constant work in process because ups & downs are part of marital life: you may have a good day and the next bad one. You have to keep striving to be better as a person. And becoming a better spouse will automatically make you a great person. 

Additionally, marriage requires constant nurturing, long-time commitment, love, and work to keep your relationship strong and lasting. 

15 Ways how to be a better spouse for your partner

 Let’s look at each way briefly and become a better spouse.

1. Take good care of yourself

First and foremost, you can only be good to others when you are good to yourself. That’s why taking care of yourself is essential to becoming a great spouse. It includes eating healthy, better sleep, exercising, meditating, self-discipline, self-control, and doing the things you love to do. By this, you’ll be less stressed, irritated, and happier. It’s a beautiful way to give your best to your loved one.

2. Connect with your partner every day

Connection is vital in every relationship. Check in with each other, express your love and show affection daily. Send them thoughtful texts if your partner is at work and make their day. Also, don’t forget to hug them warmly in the morning before leaving for work.

3. Shows each other’s vulnerable side

Vulnerability is a key to promoting a healthy & deeper bond with your partner. Therefore, be an open communicator and express & listen to each other’s vulnerable side without fear or insecurity. It’ll help you stay honest with each other, and honesty is the best gift you can give to your partner as a better spouse. Humans are not mind-readers, so you’ve to create meaningful interaction and express yourself to learn more about each other. Remember that it’s not a sign of weakness; rather, it’ll make you a courageous person.

4. Acknowledge their feelings and thoughts

That is when your partner is sharing their emotions or not sharing with words, acknowledge and accept their feelings, and understand them. It’s human nature that they want validation from their loved ones. Thus, have an open conversation with your partner and make them comfortable to open up and share their thoughts.

5. Spend some time on dates

Plan surprise dates & spend some time alone with each other to reignite the romance. If you’ve kids and a busy work life, it is essential for a healthy marriage. Surprise your partner with a weeknight date or a day meetup: they’ll surely be excited by it and love your initiative.

6. Flirt with them the way you used to when you’re dating

Keep your relationship fresh & new, and flirt with them as you do before marriage. Look into the eyes of your partner, smile, and giggle. In addition, you can use romantic body language or any other way of flirting to turn on the charm. It’ll make them feel valued, and you’ll be a better spouse.

7. Sleep in the same bed

Whether you or your partner is having a bad day or you both had an argument, never sleep alone. Keep your romance alive even after decades, do some chatting before bed, give good night kisses, sleep together, and have the best time.

8. Be present when you are with them

A better spouse listens to their partner; when they’re with them, they are present with full attention & empathy. The invalidity, unheard, or taking things for granted can cause intimacy & trust issues in the relationship. So, put down all distractions,  listen to them, and address all their needs.

9. Compliment your spouse

One of the best ways to become a better spouse is to compliment your spouse and make them feel loved. Notice your partner, appreciate and compliment them daily for all the good things they do. 

10. Put yourself in their shoes to minimize conflicts

If your partner is moody or they experienced a bad day due to which they are bitter, it’s time to do what the best spouses do. Put yourself in their place and understand their situation; it’ll help minimize misunderstandings and conflicts. So, don’t get angry, listen to their point of view, understand their problem, care for them, and help them at the moment.

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11. But, don’t avoid confrontation

Fights and disagreements in marriage are inevitable, and every couple has to deal with them. In such circumstances, be a better spouse by facing these issues and discussing them with your partner instead of ignoring them. Don’t be such a spouse who avoids conversations and marital problems.

12. Give them gifts without expecting something in return

Another way to become a better spouse is to give your partner gifts without expecting anything in return. Don’t wait for the anniversary to give your partner an enormous gift. You can give small, inexpensive gifts often to demonstrate your love.

13. Be mindful and learn to forgive

Bad and unexpected things happen in life, and we all make mistakes. Yur partner can do something that hurts you or upsets you. You need to forgive them and move on. Don’t bring up past mistakes, and support each other.

14. Talk about the goals you had in mind

In a successful marriage, both spouses help each other to achieve their goals and are happy for each other’s success. So, as a better spouse, share the goals with your partner and work together. It can be a small or big goal.

15. Understand your partner’s love language

Last but not least, understanding and speaking your partner’s love language can make you a better spouse. Is their love language physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, or gifts? Learn it and love them the way they want to be loved.

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Final Thoughts

For a great married life, it’s vital to be prepared to become the best spouse and foster a healthy romantic relationship with your partner. Try out these small steps, make a genuine effort, become a better spouse, vow to love your partner, and lead a marriage filled with crazy love, excitement & peace.

These 15 small ways will bring huge positive changes in your relationship. A better spouse connects with their partner on a deeper level, works on strengthening their marriage, and always keeps the spark alive in their relationship.

Lastly, if you’re struggling with the difficulties arising in your relationship, reach out to a relationship expert or couple’s therapist and open up with them. They’d help you work through the challenges at any stage of your relationship.

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Vivien Roggero - Elite Transformation and Executive Coach
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