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how to meditate in your bath – An essential self-care and cleaning practice is taking a bath. When we think of bathing, that’s what comes to mind. But bathing has advantages beyond just cleanliness. What if I tell you that you can meditate while taking a bath?

You can meditate while bathing or showering. Thus it is possible. You don’t need to set up a meditation area or recite any particular mantras (until you want to). Better yet, there’s no need to add another task to your list. It would be best to incorporate a basic meditation technique into your daily bathing routine.

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How to meditate?

When it comes to bathing, you either opt for a bathtub or shower. Here we will list two different ways to meditate: meditating in the bathtub and in the shower!

How do you meditate in Bathtub?

1. Avoid Distractions

Putting interruptions at bay is one rule that both traditional and bathing meditation share. Turn off the alerts on your phone and other devices, turn off your computer, and throw those work documents away. Concentrate on your meditation.

2. Decide on the proper temperature

In bath meditation, the temperature is a crucial factor. The use of hot or cold water for baths is a topic of much discussion. However, everyone has perks of their own. Yet when it comes to bathing and meditation, the ideal temperature must be kept. That is not unbearably hot or chilly (lukewarm). Lukewarm water should fill your bathtub partly.

3.  Soak yourself

Now is the great time to take a bath! Avoid rushing this therapy. Slowly and gently submerge each body part, feeling the water’s warmth and texture as it touches you. Slowly immerse yourself entirely in the water. Keep your neck and head up.

4.  Pay attention to physical feelings

Clear your mind, focus on the present, and practice meditation. Please pay attention to the water’s waves, scent, sounds, and how it feels on different parts of your body. Just be mindful of your surroundings, which are stunning bodies of water. Allow the water to mesmerize and thrill your senses.

5. Include more relaxing bath products

You can also add additional bath bombs and other products if you want to reap even more rewards from bath meditation. Bath products, including Epsom salts, gemstones like carnelian, and essential oils, including lavender, fall under this category. You can use them in the bathtub and get their advantages.

How to Meditate in the Shower?

The advantages of bath meditation extend far beyond the tub! To experience these advantages, we can utilize the shower or even a bucket and cup instead. You should follow these steps:

1. Make time first.

Firstly, give yourself ten to fifteen minutes to yourself. Ensure that you are the only one who has access to this time. No emails, chats, or social media. Just set aside some time to take advantage of the therapeutic effects of bath meditation.

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2. Double-check the temperature

Fill your pail with lukewarm water or set the shower temperature. Because you do not wish to upset your body with excessive temperatures, selecting the proper temperature is crucial. Your body, mind, and soul will be positively impacted by water when it is applied to your body at the appropriate temperature.

3. Allow water to fall on you.

You won’t be submerging yourself in water when taking a shower or bathing in a bucket, in contrast to a bathtub. You will allow the water to flow through your body naturally. Beginning with your feet, carefully work your way up to your head. Do not speed the water; feel it drip through your body.

4. Engage all of your senses.

Put your perceptions into a positive cycle to appreciate the meditation-enhancing benefits of bathing. Enjoy the touch of the water on your legs, notice how your body temperature changes, and take in the aroma and motion of the running water on your body.

Give similar concentration to every area of your body as the water travels through it in this manner. As long as you like, you can leave the shower running or keep getting wet.

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5. Be present and utilize bath goods.

If you’re having a bath from a bucket, you can add bath salts, lavender oil, or fragrances to reap the benefits of improving your mental health. To enhance your bath meditation session even better if you shower, you can light some candles, utilize scent air fresheners, and place crystals in the bath area.

A further suggestion is to create your own mantra and repeat it aloud while doing bath meditation.

How to bathe mindfully?

In this session, your attention will be on your body’s sensations and senses except taste, provided you intend to eat a snack in the bath. To accomplish this, it is simple to concentrate on each sense individually:

1. Sight

What do you perceive? If you’re taking a shower, see the water flow over your body; if you’re taking a bath, observe the swirls on the water’s surface. Create ripples, then watch them expand.

2. Smell

Keep your eyes closed and consider the fragrances you can detect, such as lavender, camomile, lemon, and soap. Pick your favorite scent and concentrate on it.

3. Touch

Consider how the water feels when it touches your skin. Concentrate on your body for a minute; are there any stiff muscles there? Let them unwind, and the stress melts away.

4. Sound

What sounds are there? Pick out each sound at a time: traffic, birds chirping, water running, and birds. Before you exit the shower/bath and start your day well, give yourself permission to linger for a minute and take it all in.

Advantages Of Bath Time Meditation

The following are some of the main advantages of bath meditation:

It provides all the significant benefits of meditation, such as lowering negative emotions and relieving anxiety, stress, and sadness. Plus more!

    1.  It causes our muscles to relax.

    1.  It eases the stress in your muscles.

    1.  It soothes your frazzled nerves.

    1. It also saves money and time.

    1. It is a fantastic way to unwind.

    1. It is a chance for you to contemplate your day.

    1.  It will be good for your spirit, body, and mind.

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Everyone may be unable to fit in a daily mindful bath, but it isn’t the only opportunity to practice mindfulness. You can exercise mindfulness anywhere and while doing anything, including eating chocolate. Your likelihood of staying with it rises if you do it as part of a regular routine like washing your hair.

Those who practice mindfulness report higher levels of happiness, more compassion, less forgetfulness, and reduced levels of despair. The trick is to keep going, as it always is. 

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