By remembering the reasons you first met, paying attention to your partner’s needs, and making time for activities you both enjoy, there are a few steps how to rekindle a relationship you should know.

A relationship may not always be able to be rekindled. However, if there is shared love, you might want to exert the effort to reignite the flame and fortify your relationship over the long term.

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Why you should rekindle your relationship?

People frequently complain about losing their “spark” with partners. Some partners may drift apart until both are wading in a shallow pool of recollections, wondering what went wrong for one reason, such as issues at work or personal pressures outside of the partnership. 

There are some reasons why you should rekindle your relationship.

  • Maybe your perspective on your ex has evolved, or your circumstances have altered. 
  • Perhaps you recently relocated back to your hometown and wished to rekindle an old crush. 
  • Or, as a result of your maturation, you now see that your previous relationship was good.
  • For some of you, you might already be in a committed relationship that deserves to be revived; all you need are some ideas on how to do it. Either way, you want to rekindle your romantic love for one another.

11 Steps How to Rekindle a relationship

It makes no difference why you want to rekindle your relationship; it must be possible. You need some emotional kindling to understand how to mend a broken relationship, whether it be a new romance or a long-term love affair. There are 11 steps how to rekindle a relationship to make in your relationship over time can significantly impact and help you rekindle the spark.

1. Reminiscing

You can rekindle your romance by revisiting your relationship’s foundations. In fact, according to recent studies, nostalgia is linked to higher levels of commitment in relationships, as well as stated happiness and a feeling of closeness.

Baquero suggests returning to the place you initially met, going on an old favorite date, or looking through old photos to evoke nostalgia. It’s not about returning to the honeymoon stage, and it’s essential to remember the initial reasons you fell in love.

Other tips include;

  • Reading conversations you had or emails you sent during a happy period
  • Writing a note of everything that brought you two together 
  • Mentioning a few things your spouse has done for you and listening to “your” music as a couple.
  • Modifying your joint bucket list

2. Be honest with your partner. 

According to Gigi Engle, SKYN Sex & Intimacy Expert, certified sex coach, sexologist, and author, there is just no way to revive a relationship without talking about it. 

Do you frequently try to understand your partner’s thoughts? You can reduce speculation and become closer by being honest and upfront. “Find out what your lover needs from you by asking. Pass the hat. Instead of maintaining the status quo, the objective is to show more of one another, “Meyers argues. Profound rewards are attained. She claims that engaging in conversations frequently results in more loving, open sex.

Remember that ensuring that each party feels heard, respected, fulfilled, and protected is essential to creating and maintaining a good relationship.

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3. Bringing back the Romantic Gestures

11 Steps How To Rekindle A Relationship, You Should Try This - 3. Bringing Back The Romantic Gestures

Think about finding your partner’s preferred method of love or, more precisely, what makes them feel valued and loved. Do they have time? Might they like to receive gifts? They might like it if you tell them you adore them. Using their preferred communication style will help you reconcile.

Someone who values acts of service may feel loved when you finish a project around the house or prepare a meal, but someone who appreciates words of affirmation may prefer getting praises or love notes. The other three love languages are receiving presents, spending time with people, and physical touch.

4. Change one thing

It can be intimidating to rekindle a relationship, and you don’t have to tackle every facet of rekindling the spark at once. Change one thing in your relationship to start, which could entail trying new lingerie, adopting a novel position, bringing in some support, or having sex in a location you’ve never tried before (like the shower or a guest bedroom). 

Finding something unfamiliar to both makes the scenario more novel and brings you closer together through a shared experience.

5. Scheduling date nights

Because they no longer need to make plans to see each other, many couples cease dating after moving in together or getting married. However, this can lessen some of the fun of being with each other.

The idea that sex should be impromptu is a misconception. Being physically intimate with your spouse might be complicated by life’s demands, according to Rachel Needle, PsyD, a licensed sex therapist. “Ahead planning can increase enthusiasm and expectation.”

6. Kissing more often

Making kissing more frequent could rekindle love feelings if you and your spouse used to enjoy it when you first started dating.

Kissing encourages bonding and relieves tension and anxiety by causing your brain to release the neurotransmitters oxytocin and serotonin.

Give frequent hugs and kisses to express your love rather than just doing so before having sexual relations.

7. Flirting more often

Increase your flirting with your lover, which can initially feel forced or awkward, as one straightforward approach to start the rekindling process. Consider the early stages of your relationship. What were some flirtatious moves you made to make the other person laugh and show interest? Try it once more! Try a novel idea! Include touching and praising 

8. Try new things together

11 Steps How To Rekindle A Relationship, You Should Try This - 8. Try New Things TogetherIt will help you get closer if you add some novelty and adventure into your relationship. Try something different, skydiving, volunteering, taking a dance class, or dining at a new restaurant.

Even for one night, breaking from the norm can help you and your partner rekindle your relationship. You might feel closer to your mate after experiencing something new together.

9. Go on a staycation

Travel may not be the most tempting pastime, but a staycation is available. Schedule a weekend at home to reestablish contact and ignite the flame. Sparks can fly even after staying the night at a nearby hotel, and the excitement of discovering something new is essential to maintain the spark.

10. Foster Emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy is essential for healthy relationships. It’s about genuinely getting to know each other, disclosing your deepest desires and anxieties, and ensuring you’re always on good terms.

Even if it seems foolish and clichéd, choose an activity that you both enjoy doing together to start fostering your relationship. You’ll discover that spending some time together will bring you closer than anything else.

11. Seek help from a therapist

Lastly, it might be highly beneficial to seek a therapist’s assistance if you’re having trouble rekindling your romance. They can assist you in locating any obstacles you might be encountering and provide advice on how to get beyond them.

Couples attempting to resolve their troubles may find great benefits in therapy.

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Conclusion- Rekindle your Relationship

Long-term love partners frequently experience relationship impasses.

The following are indicators that you might benefit from getting assistance from a mental health professional:

  • Arguments that repeatedly turn into battles over the same issues, with little progress, overall relationship discontent, 
  • Difficulties with one’s mental health, 
  • Emotional oblivion

If you’re struggling with your relationship and find it hard to rekindle your romance, feel free to reach out by scheduling a free session with me. As a therapist and counselor, I will assist you in navigating difficult situations and discovering fresh ways to connect with your partner, from communication to physical intimacy.

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