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In The Mind Of Founders – Season 1 Episode 3 with Coach Sophia Casey, MCC

In this episode of In The Mind Of Founders presented by Vivien Roggero, lets dig into the mindset of Mark Phillips and entrepreneur that launch a company for nomads, Nomad Stays, in the middle of covid lockdown.

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Episode 3

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This episode

In this episode of In The Mind Of Founders, your host Vivien Roggero, exchanges with Coach Sophia Casey, MCC.
This incredible woman has been a successful coach for over a decade, but she is also a bestselling author committed to women’s global empowerment and an award-winning speaker!
And because that couldn’t have been all, she co-founded the International Coaching & Leadership Institute, which had just got awarded the ICF Level 2 accredited coach training school.
So in this talk, we will have the pleasure of digging into the marvellous mindset of this incredibly successful coach, who even worked at one point for one of the task forces of the president of the united states.

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