What is Sunday Scaries? These are 8 Ways to Get Rid Of Sunday Scaries

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What is Sunday Scaries? – No matter how fun Friday night and Saturday were, when Sunday afternoon rolls around and we’re enjoying the last hours of the weekend, a feeling of dread and anxiety sets in, often referred to as Sunday Scaries. You’re experiencing Sunday scaries that are characterized by a sense of doom that routinely occur on Sunday evening before you return to work.

In addition to sucking the fun out of your Sunday night, Sunday scaries can make you miserable and lead to work-related challenges like imposter syndrome and burnout. No worries, it can be fixed. Let’s fix the Sunday scaries this year to reclaim your weekend and welcome a refreshed Monday morning. There is no reason you should allow them to cut into your weekend and ruin your fun.

In this article, I’ll give you 8 helpful ways to beat Sunday Scaries and put the fun back into your Sunday Funday. But before we talk about the solutions to this problem, let’s define the problem and its causes.

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What are Sunday Scaries ?

Sunday Scaries are intense feelings of nervousness and dread that you start experiencing on Sunday afternoon and continue into the evening. You start recognizing it as the last hours of Sunday tick away, and the start of the workweek closes in. Along with feelings of anxiety, an individual having Sunday scaries might experience other symptoms as well. The symptoms of Sunday Blues or Sunday Scaries include restlessness, upset stomach, irritability, headache, trouble sleeping, and depression.

If you’re getting Sunday Scaries every weekend, know that it’s a pretty common and widely acknowledged phenomenon, especially among Millenials and Gen Z. A study conducted by Linkedin found that 80% of individuals experience Sunday night anxiety. 

So, is there a way to get rid of Sunday Scaries? You’ll be glad to know there are ways to lessen your Sunday anxiety. First, let’s look at the causes of Sunday night dread.

Causes of Sunday Scaries

Here are some potential reasons you’re having feelings of anxiety on Sunday nights:

  • Declining mental health due to burnout or overwork
  • Dealing with a high-stress job
  • Prolonged effects of a toxic workplace or hostile work environment
  • Having a lot of unfinished tasks from the last week
  • Having a busy next week and not preparing for the things you have to finish in the next week
  • Dealing with an underscoped task that led to weekend work
  • Struggling with poor work-life balance

8 Ways to get rid of Sunday Scaries 

If you’re having Sunday Scaries, here are the things you can do to cope with it and ease your late-weekend anxiety.

1. Shift your mindset

First and foremost, change your perspective. Pay attention to thoughts that run through your mind on Sunday nights. Instead of getting stuck in negative thoughts like I do not like my job, I don’t want to go to a job tomorrow, change your mindset towards positive thoughts.

Replace these thoughts with encouraging and positive statements like This isn’t new; I’ll be OK. I can do this. Also, find the positive things your job provides and write them down to be thankful for. It’ll change your mood and outlook immediately.

2. Get enough sleep

Some people sleep less during the overall workweek and then try to get more and more sleep over the weekend. This approach disturbs your night and morning routine, which affects your mental health. That’s why it’s essential to create healthy sleep habits.

Make a sleep priority for all week and go to bed at the same time every night, even on Sunday. Having a relaxing nighttime routine and getting enough sleep will help you feel at your best the following day so you can work with total energy.

3. Practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques

Another great way to get rid of Sunday scaries is to engage in activities that relax your mind and body. By releasing the tension from your mind and body, your anxiety will slip away, providing you with much-desired relief. Try relaxation strategies like:

  • Practicing gratitude and mindfulness
  • Meditating or taking a long walk in nature
  • Deep breathing
  • Reciting positive affirmations
  • Listening to a soft and relaxing music 

No matter what strategy you pick, make sure it truly relaxes you and controls your Sunday night anxiety feelings.

4. Plan out your workweek

Mainly, Sunday scaries occur because you have a lot of things to do in the week ahead but are unsure how they’ll be done. This is where planning your work week comes in handy. Another effective option to beat this problem is to plan out your workweek on the weekend.

Create a weekly work plan in which you organize your tasks into a manageable outline. Besides, prioritize your tasks, break down a larger project into a series of small to-dos, and set due dates. A weekly work plan will balance your workload, give you smaller wins throughout the week and relax your brain from feeling overwhelmed.

5. Plan something exciting for Monday

Planning some fun for Monday, treating yourself to Monday perks, or scheduling exciting activities that you’ll look forward to can make the beginning of the workweek less intimidating and more enjoyable.

It can be enjoying a coffee from your fave coffee shop before work. Or cooking your favorite meal, watching your favorite show after work, meeting with a friend for lunch, or doing something relaxing like doing yoga or taking a walk with your loved one. These things can start your Monday fresh and stress-free.

6. Recharge yourself by leaving breathing room in your week

If you experience intense anxiety on Sunday evening, another option is to give yourself a little break from your weekly schedule. If your week is too packed with tasks that leave no time for yourself, and you know you’ve to face non-stop activities, it can lead to Sunday Scaries. To get rid of it, consider tweaking your schedule a bit and give yourself breathing room to relax and recharge yourself.

Make your to-do list lighter, don’t rush into tasks, and leave some open time in bigger projects or meetings. In addition, if you’re struggling with work anxiety, you can take a mental health day to revitalize yourself and improve your energy. Also, it’s great to block out some nights in a week where you do nothing to give your mind and body time to recharge.

7. Prioritize work-life balance

Sunday scaries can happen when work-related issues extend into your time off. Focusing on your work-life balance and separating home and work is key to beating Sunday scaries. 

So, prioritize it and achieve a healthier balance by setting clear boundaries, reducing the amount of work you do outside your job, and learning to say No if you’ve no room for extra work. Train your mind not to worry about work during your home time. It’ll help you keep your mind off work on Sunday and relieve your anxiety.

8. Seek professional help

It’s common to feel a little blue in the last hours of your weekend. But sometimes, Sunday scaries can be a sign of something extreme or deeper, like an anxiety disorder or depression. If you struggle with intense anxiety on Sunday nights or you’ve tried each option to curb the Sunday scaries with no luck, a therapist or mental health professional can help.

A professional can help get to the cause of your Sunday anxiety and provide ways to address it productively. Remember, it’s significant to prioritize your mental health in the workplace or at home. So, consider seeking professional help so your work anxiety can not impact your personal or professional life.


And that’s a wrap on how to beat Sunday Scaries! These eight ways will help you enjoy your Sunday to the fullest. The best way to get rid of Sunday scaries is to do what you love. When you do what you love, you’re productive, and you do your best, producing meaningful results. As a result, no more Sunday scaries! If you’re doing an unsatisfying job and need help finding the right career, an executive coach can help you figure out the best roles and career options for you.

However, if Sunday scaries are affecting your sleep or causing problems with eating habits, it is concerning because it means you’re suffering from intense anxiety. If you quit work every Monday, it is recommended to reach out to a mental health professional. A professional or therapist might help you crack what’s behind your anxiety and provide tips to beat it. The truth is you should not allow Sunday Scaries to make you anxious and miserable every Sunday. Instead, you should learn how to deal with such feelings and beat them so you can enjoy all

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