Neuro-linguistic Programming (Nlp): Here Are Top 10 Nlp Techniques That You Can Use

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If you want to transform your entire life, including workplace performance, personal development, and achieving personal goals, you must learn about NLP techniques. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP refers to the approach in which you learn the language of your own mind.

NLP is a powerful way to help you achieve desired outcomes in your life by commanding your use of language. This article will explore the NLP concepts, how the NLP works, and ten powerful NLP techniques to transform your life. Let’s begin!

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What is Neuro-linguistic Programming?

Nlp Techniques Being Used By A Colleague

Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP is a psychological approach to changing someone’s thoughts and behaviours using perceptual, communication, and behavioural techniques. It focuses on how you think, how you communicate with yourself & others, how you approach your life, and how it can affect your behaviour. 

Developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1970, NLP has many concepts and techniques that show you how to take control of your mind.

Scientists called it a model that studies the effects of thoughts on our minds. Through NLP, it is possible to identify language, patterns of thoughts, feelings & behaviours of successful people and teach them to others to achieve desired outcomes. Moreover, unlike therapy which focuses on Why, NLP is action-oriented and focuses on How.

How does NLP work?

NLP works on a belief to change someone’s thoughts and behaviours by conscious use of language. In Neuro-linguistic programming, action & communication are significant elements. However, it is not hypnotherapy. It works by understanding how a successful individual performs the task, and then this process is copied and shared with others to accomplish that task. 

In addition, NLP tries to detect an individual’s map of the world. In simple words, the principle behind the working of NLP is that you can control what goes in your mind, and you can change the ways you think & approach your life.

How is NLP useful?

Nlp is becoming popular over the years due to its worth in personal and professional life. It is useful in helping you achieve your goals and overcome any blocks. Moreover, if we talk about business, NLP is highly beneficial for people in sales, relationships, project management & leadership. Neuro-Linguistic programming can help you significantly improve your confidence, communication skills, influence skills, and self-awareness. 

It is extremely powerful to treat mental health issues such as phobias, anxiety, depression, and traumas. Not only that but practising Neuro-Linguistic tools and techniques will change your mindset by increasing your creativity & productivity. Thus, it is helpful to assist you in managing internal processes better and navigating your journey. 

Top 10 NLP techniques

NLP techniques are practical, and there is an infinite number. Here are the 10 common NLP techniques that NLP practitioners use.

1. Dissociation

NLP techniques of disassociation can help you get rid of bad feelings or experiences. For it, identify the emotion that you want to get rid of. It can include any fear, rage, nervousness, or discomfort in any situation. Now, imagine you can come out of your body and look back at yourself having this emotion or entire circumstance. This will help you to disassociate yourself from any negative feelings.

2. Reframing

Reframing is one of the most remarkable NLP techniques that will take any negative situation. Reframing is about empowering you by changing the mind map into something positive. For example, if you feel nervous speaking in public, you can reframe this situation as an exciting growth challenge.

Let’s say your relationship ends. It can be a disturbing situation for you. But you can reframe it into a positive. For example, you have the freedom to do anything you want to do. You’re open to another relationship. You learned many lessons from this relationship. These examples are all about reframing a negative situation to a positive one by clearing your head & changing the meaning of experience. 

3. Anchoring yourself

An Anchor On The Coast

Anchoring yourself helps you associate any positive sensory experience with a particular emotional state. This NLP technique can be used anytime to change your mood. For example, when you choose positive emotion and intentionally connect it to any simple gesture, you can trigger this sensory experience anytime whenever you’re feeling low. Your feelings will change quickly, and you can feel that emotion.

4. Priming

One of the common NLP techniques, Priming, is more manipulative. Priming is a technique to adjust your thoughts. Moreover, it helps us to make faster decisions. For example, we use phrases like this in coaching the clients. I know you’re changing, and it is good. So, in this way, we’re priming the client to change. 

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5. Bad memories

A Few Printed Images Indicating Memories

This NLP technique is dedicated to helping people to remove negative thoughts and feelings associated with bad memories. It can be any experience or any trauma. 

6. Mental rehearsal

Mental rehearsal is the unique NLP technique that is based on visualization. This technique is about creating imaginary training of yourself performing an action successfully. In addition, it is beneficial to improve confidence and make you believe in yourself & your abilities. 

7. Belief changes

The power of belief is highly classic. This NLP technique examines your beliefs. Any thought or limiting belief that lets you down can be deconstructed by identifying and overcoming them.

 If you believe that you’re not good enough to do this, you probably can not do this. If you think you can do something, you can surely do it. Once you change this belief, you’ll start taking more significant risks to achieve more meaningful goals.

8. Mental maps

For many people, speaking in front of a large audience fills them with fear & anxiety. So, the best way to overcome this fear is to look at yourself from a different perspective. For example, by looking at yourself from the eyes of the observer. This NLP technique is about looking at the situation from a different view. 

When we see the situation from a different scenario, we get to know what the situation really is. It helps you mentally prepare for the situation that makes you feel apprehensive.

9. Mirroring

A Mirror Showing A Reflection Of An Arm

Mirroring is an NLP technique used to build rapport with anyone by leveraging body language during the conversation. According to research, your tone of voice and body language communicates 93% of your messages more than your words. When talking with someone, mirror your body language according to theirs. 

If they’re calm and relaxed, you will do the same. It’ll decrease the chance of friction during the discussion, and other people will find you trustworthy. Hence, it is a great technique to get along with anyone.

10. NLP swish

NLP Swish is the advanced NLP technique that is about changing thoughts & behaviour patterns to come to the desired outcome rather than the undesired outcome. Hence, if you link any emotion to an unwanted experience, NLP swish is a technique to disrupt that link. Also, it trains your brain to strengthen positives and weaken negatives.

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The bottom line

In a nutshell, NLP is a powerful technique that offers ways to deal with life’s challenges and opportunities. By using its tools and techniques, you can positively shift your perceptions, boost your personal development, and learn to take control of your thoughts. Want to ask or share something related to this modelling approach? Feel free to ask any queries and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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