What Is Manifesting? 7 Things You Need To Do With It

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Manifesting is the interesting act of turning a goal or desire into reality through spiritual practices and taking inspired actions. It is more than just getting what you desire. While you might not know much about manifesting, people who tried it can not stop talking about how they manifested their dreams to become a reality and say it really works.  

Manifestation is real and nothing new. If you believe you can do it, you will do it if you set your mind to it. 

Ever wanted something in your life so badly? Then, it is a perfect time to try by putting your positive thinking into practice and bringing your dreams to life.

Looking to give it a try? You might be wondering- what is manifesting? Does manifesting work? Can I manifest anything? What are the best strategies for manifestation?

Here in this article, we’ll explore how manifesting works and the steps you take to manifest anything you want- money, a new job, or relationships.

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What is manifesting, exactly?

In simple words, manifesting is the ability to attract something and bring it into reality using the power of our minds, feelings, and belief. Also, it is the conscious creation of a vision for the future and putting all your effort & energy into making the vision a reality. When we understand what we want for our life experience, we focus on it and create those outcomes; this is manifesting.

Manifesting comes from the ancient principle, the law of attraction, which means you can attract or manifest what you want in life with positive thoughts and actions. With enough practice and intentional energy, you can manifest anything- it can be a new job, a dream vacation, good grades, a successful business, a loving relationship, or better health. 

The manifestation was popularized by a self-help book and a documentary by Rhonda Byrne named “The Secret.” The 30 million copies of this best-selling book were sold around the globe, encouraging people to visualize the goals to attract what they want.

Besides, the thought leaders, including Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolley, Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Iyanla Vanzant, have spoken about it and supported the manifestation process they have used to achieve their goals.

Does manifestation actually work?

The idea of manifestation is really accurate, and it does work. Once you understand the logic behind it, you’ll realize we all are subconsciously manifesting in our lives. But when we consciously focus our thoughts & mindset on the goal we want, that’s where manifestation works. 

There is also little scientific evidence that manifestation works. However, most mental health specialists recommend this practice. So, it works, but we need to live by the rules of reality to create reality. Like, if you want to manifest billions of dollars overnight- that is not realistic. It does not happen instantly, and the process takes time. 

Most importantly, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs can be hurdles to manifesting what you want. If you don’t believe you are able to do this, then you won’t be able to do this. You have to trust the process and the journey you’re on. Your mind is a magnet, so you’ll attract what you think. Achieving your goals is possible- first and foremost, you’ve to believe in yourself.

Manifestation doesn’t happen overnight; what do you need to do?

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Although manifesting is about turning your dreams into reality. But, if you think you’ll be a billionaire overnight or manifest a new home in a day- that’s far from reality. Manifestation does not happen overnight; you need more for it than just thoughts and willpower. So, what do you need to do? 

Let’s discuss effective manifestation methods to focus on where you want to be. So, open your mind, be ready to play the long game, and let’s get manifesting!

1. Begin manifestation by setting your goals 

The first step towards manifestation is setting clear goals. You need to be crystal clear about what you want, whether it’s a new job, new home, or new partner; know it and make it as precisely as possible.

What do you want? Why do you want to manifest it? What will it add to your file?

Your answers should be concise, so you have a clear picture of the goals in your mind. It’s also suggested to create a vision board, write your goals with images, and hang it somewhere you see it every day. Creating a vision board and seeing it every day will remind you to keep going.

2. Start working on your goals

Once you set your goals, it’s time to take action. Start working on your goals with positive intentions. Also, make actionable goals that are achievable and realistic.

If you want to lose weight, start doing a 10-minute workout or a walk daily. If you wish to change your career, spend 20 minutes daily looking for openings or reaching out to employers via email.

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3. Do journaling to track your progress

Journaling is a great way to record your thoughts, goals, and progress without judgment. When you are manifesting, journaling is important.

Get your manifestation journal and make a habit of writing your progress on it daily. Journaling will help you track your progress, recognize your weaknesses and get clear on your intentions.

4. Be patient while manifesting

As we discussed, manifesting takes some time to work, especially if you want to manifest something big. There can be obstacles or setbacks, and here, your dedication will be tested. Therefore, be patient in the process and stay consistent. 

Your patience will carry you through hurdles and make you cross the finish line. Break down your long-term goals into small steps, work on them daily, have faith in yourself, and trust the process.

5. Small progress is still a progress

A manifestation usually takes work and time. Therefore, it’s important to celebrate small successes. If you’re making little progress, it means you’re progressing and moving closer to your goals. Small progress is as valuable as a big one. 

So, appreciate your progress and write it down in your manifestation journal; it’ll help you keep moving forward and enjoy the process.

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6. Practice gratitude

Always be grateful for all your beautiful blessings and what others have to come. Gratitude shifts your mindset toward positive and raises your vibration. It greatly impacts your behavior, confidence, and life choices. 

Write things daily for what you’re grateful for: it can be a little blessing. Also, surround yourself with inspiring and positive people.

7. Use 369 and 55×5 manifesting method

Lastly, there are other manifestation methods; the popular one is the 369 manifestation method. It involves writing what you want to manifest three times in the morning, six times at noon & nine times at night before bed.

Besides, there is also a 55×5 method which includes writing down your manifestation 55 times a day for five straight days. You can try the method which suits you best.

Final thoughts

There you have it- what is manifesting, and how can you practice it? Manifesting is a practice that empowers you to attract your goals, become the best version of yourself, and unlock your infinite potential to create the life you desire. In general, manifestation practices benefit your overall well-being; that’s why mental health experts recommend them.

So, set your intentions, align yourself with your goals, and remain patient because great things take time. Try out the above mentioned steps to manifest what you want in your life. Manifesting can be complex some days, but keep going despite obstacles. 

Need any help on your manifestation journey or don’t know how to start? Feel free to reach out to me. I would help you discover your endless potential & find your purpose. I believe you’re capable of doing it, and I want you to know it too- Face it till you make it.

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