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The Grief Recovery Method – We are all touched by the strong impacts of grief at some point in our life. The grief recovery method is a wonderful evidence-based program that helps people process emotional pain caused by loss. It is a step-by-step action plan that allows the grievers to work through grief, isolation, and loneliness on an individual basis.

However, grief is often misunderstood, and the myths about grief make the affected person feel desperate & hopeless and push them towards depression. In this blog post, you’ll understand grief deeply, and learn about 6 common myths about grief and the things you should do to help someone before and during the grieving process.

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Definition of grief

Grief is the strong natural reaction to a significant loss of any kind. It is the conflicting feelings caused by the death of a loved one or the loss of a relationship. Grief is a natural emotion that causes pain that can last a lifetime. Other examples of loss include loss of job, financial and health issues, loss of independence due to a disability, unmet dreams & expectations, and end of addictions.

“Time will heal the wounds,” they said. But does it really heal the wounds?

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This old proverb is not true and gives false illusions to grievers that things will eventually get better. Some people waited many years for their pain to disappear, but these years were still not enough to heal their wounds. Time alone does not heal the wound; what you do with that time helps you work through it and heals the deep pain. Therefore, you need to take specific actions during the healing team, which pushes you toward recovery.

What is the grief recovery method?

The grief recovery method is a step-by-step, action-oriented program that has been refined over the last 40 years. This is the only evidence-based program to help grievers worldwide recover from the pain and isolation caused by any loss.

The Grief Recovery Method is guided by the actions presented in The Grief Recovery Handbook. The book was written by John James and Russell Friedman.

The actions of the Grief Recovery Method provide the parameters that begin your healing and let you move forward in a healthy and meaningful way. You can sign up for the Grief Recovery Method program both online and offline. By learning the Grief Recovery Method once from a grief recovery specialist, you can apply this Grief Recovery Method throughout a lifetime of loss.

6 myths of grief

Here are the 6 most common myths of grief in our society. Learn about them and focus on the facts.

1. Time will heal

Time itself does not heal the wounds. What’s important is the particular steps you take within that time, and these steps help you walk through the pain.

2. Don’t feel bad about it

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Feeling bad is a natural response to loss. Therefore, saying this to the griever is not helpful. Instead, feeling bad about the loss gives permission to feel the emotions without burying or covering them, which can lead to depression.

3. Grieve alone

Many grievers tend to isolate themselves based on the idea that talking about their loss burdens others and worsens pain. As we share our good news with our loved ones, it’s also wise to share bad news or cause of grief with someone. Communicating with others about your emotions will loosen the grip of pain and is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself in this emotional loss.

4. Be strong for other people

During the grieving process, we tend to hide our painful emotions to show that it’ll give strength to others. The fact is that you should be honest with your feelings. If you express your true feelings to others, they’ll do the same, and it’ll help you.

5. Just keep busy

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Grief is not something that will go away by distracting ourselves in activities and keeping busy. By doing so, it will become a cause of physical and emotional exhaustion. Therefore, it is good to go through the pain to heal from the loss and move beyond it.

6. Replace the loss

Relationships with our loved ones are irreplaceable. It is impossible to replace the loss by making new friends, getting into a new relationship, or having more children. You’ll not truly heal unless you give yourself space to grieve completely about the loss.

Things you should do to someone who’s grieving

Here are the things you should do to help someone cope with grief. These practical things can be an absolute comfort to those affected by a loss.

Ask them, “What happened?” and don’t just act like nothing happened

Communicate with them and ask them what happened & express your concern. Grievers feel alone because other people avoid them, and it can lead them to depression or anxiety.

Listen to their story with your heart, not only your head

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Sometimes, people work through grief by telling their story again and again. So, listen to their story with kindness instead of advising or judging.

Say “I can’t imagine how you feel” instead of “I know how you feel”

Accept their feelings and let them know it’s okay to express the feelings in front of you. Every person is unique, and you can not understand the intensity of their loss. Therefore, be genuine in your communication, and it won’t offend the griever.

Be empathetic and stop telling them that they shouldn’t be feeling that way

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An empathetic ear is a wonderful thing. Don’t try to say it’s time to move on or that they should not be feeling that way. Understand them and let them heal at the pace that feels right in their manner.

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The bottom line

Grief is a normal emotion caused by any loss; recovery from that loss is necessary to move forward and lighten up your life. The grief recovery method is an effective program intended to provide the correct action choices to the grievers that help them move beyond the pain. This excellent program gives you tools to overcome your loss that you can use for a lifetime. It’s important to remember it is not time that heals our pain; the steps we take within that time help us cope with loss.

If you or your loved one is experiencing loss & struggling with grief, feel free to join my free-of-cost discovery call session. I’d love to help you move beyond the loss.

Recover From Your Grief Starting Today With A FREE Discovery Call

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