Coaching manifesto

You are my priority


I always act honestly, truthfully, and with integrity in all my transactions and communications with clients and others in my business

Respect and dignity

As a human all my clients are treated with the utmost respect and are recognized in their individual dignity

Outcome driven

My focus is on you, and helping you achieve your goals, which means helping you achieve your desired outcomes.


I adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior, binding myself to the same level of ethic and standard that you can expect from any psychologists, counsellors, ...

No conflicts of interest

I avoid any conflicts of interest, ensuing the full objectivity of myself during coaching.

Privacy and confidentiality

All your personal data, session notes and recording are stored in secured and compliant systems, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality.


I will not only be always transparent with my abilities to help you achieve your expected goals, but also regarding any contractual or legal information regarding the coach-client relationship.


This workbook is designed to help you understand your life and yourself better, so you can make decisions that will move you forward to a life of Freedom and Joy.