A cozy, intimate place where like-hearted coaches gather as friends, bound by our shared aspirations and eagerness to grow and learn together.

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In the nascent days of January 2022, a purposeful initiative was undertaken by two dedicated coaches, Vivien and Mafe. Their objective was clear: to establish a professional forum for those committed to the art and science of coaching.

With a well-structured agenda, they initiated weekly meetings in collaboration with members from the Jay Shetty Coaching Certification Program. The focal point of these gatherings was to foster an environment conducive to the continuous development and networking among coaches.

The International Coaches Collective (ICC) thus emerged as a structured entity, founded on four fundamental values that serve as its backbone - Community, Connection, Contribution, and Collaboration. These values encompass the guiding principles that steer the direction and goals of this collective.

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The ICC ValueS


In ICC, community is our hearth, the soul of our togetherness. We are a family that believes in nurturing seeds of unity in a world that sometimes feels a bit too big and noisy. Here, you’ll find a safe, professional, and above all, warm space that’s built on love, respect, and open arms. We don't just shake hands; we hug hearts.


As coaches, we’ve seen the power of human bonds. ICC is where these connections blossom into lasting friendships. We are that tight-knit circle where everyone is your ally in both your personal and professional journey. Our mission is to build bridges between coaches across the globe, learning from each other, and celebrating the diversity of our stories.


In this family, we hold hands and work together. We believe in the simple magic that happens when you collaborate with friends who understand you. Through our collaborative spirit, we explore new pathways and embark on exciting adventures, as we all grow, side by side.


Your voice, dear friend, is music to our ears. In ICC, we cherish the stories, wisdom, and experiences that each of us brings to the table. We gather around, eager to learn and share, as our voices weave a harmonious melody. Whether your passion lies in wellness, business, relationships, or creativity, here you’ll always find a listening ear and an encouraging word.

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