The One Freedom Framework

Embark on a transformative journey to discover your unique definition of freedom with Vivien Roggero’s One Freedom™ Framework. It’s time to prioritize what truly matters and sculpt a life vision that resonates deeply with your core values.

Understanding Freedom and Prioritization

At the heart of personal and professional fulfillment lies a profound understanding of what freedom truly means to you. The One Freedom™ Framework is designed to illuminate this path, helping you identify the essential areas of your life that demand your focus and dedication. This journey is about breaking free from societal expectations and preconceived notions, enabling you to forge a clear, personalized vision for your future.

Discover the power of The One Freedom™ Framework




Embark on a journey of self-discovery to uncover your genuine definition of freedom, setting the stage for a life aligned with your core values.

Elevated Motivation and Energy

Rediscover the joy in your daily activities, boosting your motivation and energy levels as you pursue goals that resonate with your definition of freedom.

Purpose Discovery

Learn strategies to improve your mental well-being, managing stress and anxiety while fostering a positive mindset.

Visionary Goal Setting

Overcome societal biases to create a compelling, personal life vision, guiding your path forward with clarity and purpose.

Enhanced Mental Health

Learn strategies to improve your mental well-being, managing stress and anxiety while fostering a positive mindset.

Resilience Building

Develop the resilience to navigate life's challenges with strength, adapting and thriving in the face of adversity.

Strategic Life Prioritization

Identify the most critical areas of your life for focused improvement, ensuring meaningful progress towards your vision.

Navigating Personal Transformation

Equip yourself with the tools to move through grief, trauma, and change, emerging with a creative and empowered outlook on life.

Through the One Freedom™ Framework, I not only found my purpose but also learned to live with greater resilience and joy. Vivien's guidance was instrumental in this journey.
Avatar Mark
Marc B.


Highly Customizable Approach

Designed to be adaptable to each individual’s unique journey, ensuring that the framework aligns perfectly with personal aspirations and life situations. This flexibility allows Vivien and coaches trained to use the One Freedom™ framework to tailor the framework to meet the specific needs of each client, facilitating a deeply personal and effective coaching experience.

Comprehensive Toolbox for Self-Discovery

Equipped with a wide array of tools and exercises aimed at helping individuals explore and understand their own concepts of freedom, values, and selves. This toolbox is a critical component of the framework, offering both coaches and clients versatile resources for unlocking insights into personal motivations and barriers.

Navigational Guides for Personal Transformation

Outlines a pathway through grief, trauma, and significant life changes, leading towards a state of creation and empowerment. This feature supports individuals in turning life’s challenges into opportunities for growth and new beginnings.

Integrated Well-being and Resilience Strategies

Combines methods for enhancing mental health with resilience-building techniques, creating a robust approach to psychological well-being and adaptability. This integrated feature supports individuals in managing stress, fostering a positive mindset, and developing the strength to overcome challenges, ensuring a balanced and resilient journey towards personal freedom and success.

You want to be coached with the One Freedom™ Framework

Imagine a future where every decision is powered by a clear understanding of your purpose, where challenges are met with resilience, and where your daily life is infused with motivation, energy and Freedom. The One Freedom™ Framework is your gateway to this life.

Become a Certified One Freedom™ Framework Coach

Are you passionate about guiding individuals through transformative life changes? Do you aspire to unlock the potential within others, helping them to achieve unparalleled success and personal freedom? Becoming a certified One Freedom™ Framework coach offers you the opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of those you work with, using a revolutionary approach to personal development and empowerment.


Unlike many traditional coaching models that may apply a one-size-fits-all approach, the One Freedom™ Framework is highly customizable and evolves with you. It combines a deep understanding of human psychology, strategic life planning, and resilience-building, all tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations.

The One Freedom™ Framework incorporates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a key component of its toolbox, utilizing NLP techniques to facilitate mindset shifts, enhance communication, and embed new success-oriented patterns of thinking and behavior.

Yes, the Framework is designed to be comprehensive, addressing both professional ambitions and personal development. It helps individuals achieve high performance and leadership excellence in their careers while also fostering personal growth, well-being, and fulfillment.

Absolutely. The One Freedom™ Framework is particularly effective in navigating life transitions by providing the tools and support needed to reassess your path, make strategic decisions, and move forward with clarity and confidence.

While individual experiences vary, many clients begin to see significant progress starting their first session. The speed of results depends on the individual’s commitment, the complexity of their goals, and the extent of the change they are seeking.

To become a certified coach, you’ll undergo a comprehensive training program that includes theoretical learning, practical application, and mentorship. Certification also requires demonstrating proficiency in applying the Framework’s principles and tools in a coaching context.

Yes, the Framework’s principles and tools can be effectively adapted for group settings, offering a powerful approach for workshops, team development, and corporate training programs focused on leadership, team dynamics, and organizational growth.

The Framework emphasizes the importance of mental health and resilience as foundational to achieving and sustaining high performance. It offers strategies for managing stress, building emotional intelligence, and cultivating a mindset that supports enduring success and well-being.

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