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Vivien Roggero is a distinguished Elite Transformation and Executive Coach, speaker and entrepreneur who guides people and businesses to reach their highest goals. Before becoming a coach, he was a successful executive, leading top teams to create technology solutions used by millions. Now, Vivien focuses on helping individuals achieve personal growth, success and freedom, while also assisting companies in boosting their effectiveness and profits. He believes in empowering people to discover their higher selves and enabling businesses to excel through strong team leadership and mindfulness.

Vivien Roggero’s path was shaped by a strong commitment to learning and self-improvement. He earned two bachelor’s degrees in IT and then broadened his knowledge with two master’s degrees in Marketing and International Business from a globally recognized top-20 business school. Further enhancing his training and credentials, Vivien received specialized training from Jay Shetty and earned a coaching and leadership development diploma from OTHM in UK.

His career took off in France and later led him to live in three different countries, despite not initially speaking their languages. He is now leaving in Taiwan, and work around the world with company and people targeting to reach their highest potential.

His past Blending Leadership, Insight, and Social Good

During his time as an executive, Vivien Roggero mastered the art of leading high-performing teams, driving innovation, and developing strategies that propelled organizational success. His journey in the IT field was paralleled by a deep dive into psychology and spirituality, enriching his understanding of human behavior and the essence of holistic living. This exploration into the depths of the human experience was further amplified through training as a coach under the guidance of the esteemed Jay Shetty.

Beyond his professional and personal development pursuits, Vivien has always been deeply committed to addressing social issues. His co-founding of Rotaract Paris Hausmann stands as a testament to his dedication to humanitarian efforts. Through this platform, he took part in projects with global impact, including significant contributions to the fight against polio, earning recognition from Bill Gates. From the outset, Vivien has been driven by a desire to create a positive change in the world, seamlessly integrating his leadership skills, profound insights, and a commitment to social betterment.

A Catalyst for Change

In 2020, Vivien Roggero faced a series of profound personal and professional upheavals, including the loss of his father, the conclusion of his 11-year marriage, and a challenging separation from his son due to covid restrictions.

These events propelled him into a period of deep introspection, prompting a critical reassessment of his values, goals, and very purpose in life. This time of intense soul-searching and personal redefinition became the catalyst for Vivien's commitment to helping others embark on their journeys of change and self-improvement.
It was through this transformative experience that he developed the One Freedom™ Framework, a groundbreaking approach designed to empower individuals to discover their essential values and freedoms. This method guides people in crafting lives filled with purpose, fulfillment, joy, and success, marking a new chapter in Vivien's mission to facilitate meaningful transformations.


As an Elite Transformation Coach, Vivien Roggero masterfully integrates strategic insight with an in-depth understanding of human behavior. His expertise in fostering high performance and facilitating mindset shifts through NLP techniques positions him as a catalyst for unlocking the full spectrum of his clients’ capabilities. Each coaching engagement is a tailored journey towards self-mastery, designed to amplify emotional intelligence and instill leadership qualities rooted in genuine self-awareness and decisive action.

Vivien Roggero redefines coaching, serving as a guide for those on the brink of profound personal and professional breakthroughs. His distinguished credentials, enriched by comprehensive training from luminaries like Jay Shetty and accreditations from prestigious coaching institutions, form the backbone of his transformative coaching methodology. This approach not only empowers individuals to achieve elite performance but also aligns their life with their highest aspirations and values.

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