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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a branch of coaching dedicated to the furtherment of the career. An executive coach will focus on your career direction, business niche and goals as the environment impacting the coaching direction.

Why would you need an Executive coach?

Executive coaches are either hired by companies or the client themselves. If you are a company that wish to further develop your executives or leaders, to support them in their new position or need them to develop in a certain particular aspect of their skillset, then Executive coaching is a great tool.

An executive coach can be instrumental to the success of a company’s teams since he or she will help growth in the company’s leadership, teams or its aspiring leaders. This comes from the fact that executive coaching focuses on specific measurable outcomes that impact the performance in your business.

If you are an executive that wants to level up their career or you want to become an executive. Then Executive coaching can help you have clarity on your career and the direction you want to have. It will also help you create the steps, habits and learnings to reach your goal.

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What can an Executive Coach Help With and what he can’t?

An executive coach is not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. An executive coach sees you as a Whole, Resourceful and Complete. While a psychologist or therapist will focus on “fixing” you.

Executive coaches believe that you have the answers to problems. They do not hurry growth, do not lead or show the way, do not assume, do not make goals and decisions, do not compare, do not have templates for people and most importantly do not stop a client from finding their own path and are not biased. Executive coaches are non-judgmental, non-critical guides and accountability partners at the service of your goals.

Why an executive coach should have business and leadership experience?

As Executive coaching is revolving around business, leadership and high performance, it is important for the coach to understand the underlining reality of business and how companies work. Board room interaction, team mechanics, executive presence, public speaking and much more are concepts that their understanding will help ask the right questions and guide their clients.


The International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Global Coaching Client Study Report highlighted that 86% of companies earned back their investment in coaching, even more, 28% achieved an ROI of 10 to 49x and 19% an ROI of 50x and more on their investment.

Those are impressive numbers showing the power of executive coaching but the real number that you should look at is that 99% of the clients were satisfied with the coaching experience and 96% would repeat it.

The reports also show that clients hiring an executive coach have reported a 70% improvement in work performance and communication skills, a boost in self-awareness a soft skill directly linked to success, and confidence in their capacities to achieve their goals.

When you work with an executive coach, you’re hiring an experienced partner who understands the challenges you are facing as a leader or as an entrepreneur. An executive coach will guide you to clarify your vision so it aligns with your purpose and your goals be personal or professional. An executive coach has the business knowledge and leadership experience allowing to go from macro to micro and help prioritize your work accordingly.

With an executive coach at your side, you’ll be guided through the usage of tools and frameworks that will help you understand your business, your team and your stakeholders. By working with an executive coach you’ll discover how to address your daily challenges, create a balanced life driven by a purpose while setting yourself up for long-term success.

When you are thinking of investing in yourself of your business, you want to focus on your return on investment, so you can justify the investment. With close to 15 years of experience in startups, unicorns, decacorns and corporations around the world leading more than 100 people, I will coach you in all facets of leadership and business.

I was previously trusted by Gojek and Bukalapak as a leadership and public speaking coach for their new leaders, helping them grow on their interpersonal skills, leadership skills but also the understanding of how a business works. Now the real question would be, what is the cost of the lost opportunity to not having access to an executive coach that will help you 10x what you are currently achieving.

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There is no exact definition of how long a coaching program is. Instead, the coaching duration entirely depends on your goals, commitment, and our sessions’ pace. During our discussion in the free discovery call, I will ask you questions that will help me to create a custom coaching package adapted to your needs.

Working with me will, my goal is to empower you to achieve your goals, by creating the unshakable self-awareness and confidence that will allow you to face any obstacles. Trained by Jay Shetty Certification School and with more than 15 years of experience in business, I have acquired the tangible knowledge, frameworks and tools that will allow you to create growth and success, while not compromising your purpose.


This workbook is designed to help you understand your life and yourself better, so you can make decisions that will move you forward to a life of Freedom and Joy.