Why Is Individual Freedom Important & How Do You Get It?

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Individual freedom is one of the most significant things in the world, and it’s a never-ending journey. It is the ability that makes us human and allows us to create our own life. Individual freedom is a fundamental human right. With individual freedom, you’re free to make decisions for yourself, free to act according to your own will, free to think & speak, free to choose your own life path, and be yourself. That’s why individual freedom is essential in everyone’s lives in this modern world. Individual freedom can also come from finding joy in your life and being able to do what you love.

Freedom is not something that can be found through other things, situations, money, or another person. If you think you have to escape from society or live on the edge to achieve your freedom, it is not like this. Your true freedom is within you right now. Your best version of yourself and your best life is uncovered when you know what makes you genuinely happy, what is valuable in your life, what is truly important to you, and what sets your soul on fire.

So, if you’re unfree in this free world, it is because of your own doing. If you want to be truly free and get your freedom, you’ll make it happen as you’re responsible for your life. You must be wondering why individual freedom is so important that I’m emphasizing it. Keep scrolling and reading the article to find an answer to this question. In the end, you’ll be surprised to know the benefits of it and some straightforward ways to get it.

This blog post will teach you why is individual freedom important in everyone’s life and how you can achieve individual freedom and find your free life.

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Benefits of Freedom

If you’re thinking about why individual freedom is so important, here are some of the incredible benefits that come with individual freedom:

      1. Freedom is the right that allows you to make your own decisions and choices that you’re proud of.
      2. Freedom gives you the right to be free from discrimination.
      3. It is vital for a happy and fulfilled life.
      4. With individual freedom, you have the natural right to be who you want without any external influence.
      5. You can explore new places, make the most of your potential, and follow your passions without fear of reprisal. 
      6. It gives you the power to pursue your dreams, form meaningful relationships, and choose paths without restriction.
      7. Individual freedom is important because it gives you the privilege to express your thoughts and speak your mind.
      8. Freedom gives you the opportunity to take risks, make mistakes, learn from them, and improve your skills.
      9. Freedom leads to increased productivity, creativity, and high quality of life.
      10. Lastly, individual freedom is essential because it gives you a sense of pride and self-worth.

    How to get individual freedom?

    The following ways will help you get individual freedom so you can be free and happier in your life.

      1. Ditch the permission-based mindset and live on your own terms

      Waiting for others’ permission is a quick way to surrender your individual freedom and sovereignty. To get individual freedom, you need to scrap this mindset. If you know something is right, you don’t need someone to say it is Ok. Instead, do your examination and reflection; if it’s good, go and do it.

      Being able to live on your own terms is the ultimate individual freedom. If you get an opportunity to do what you want, don’t worry about what other people say, and don’t wait for their approval. Individual freedom means doing what feels suitable for you without worrying about others’ opinions. 

        2. Figure out what is valuable and what isn’t

        Value has been a driving force in society throughout human history. To be completely free in this society, study what is valuable to businesses, employers, consumers, and people you want the freedom to interact with. 

        Learn what’s valuable and not, internalize it, and figure out how to shape your work around it. If you’re able to communicate in value and can provide value to people, you can make opportunities for yourself anywhere. Secondly, let go of things or relationships that don’t add value to your life. Learn your worth.

        3. Take time for yourself and make yourself valuable 

          The more valuable the thing is, the more people desire it. Don’t just learn what is valuable to people; be valuable. Take time for yourself and use that time to know yourself, learn, and grow. Do things that enhance your personal and professional worth. 

          Learn skills to increase your potential. Show your worth and talent by developing a youtube channel, website, podcast, or blog and build social proof. Also, establish assets to enhance your innate value.

            4. Take ownership of your decisions and actions

            With individual freedom comes responsibility. In every decision you make, you should both own the consequences and reap the rewards. If you mess up something, hold yourself accountable, and don’t play the victim card or make excuses. 

            You’re a free entity that made choices that brought you here. Whether you get the desired outcome or not, own your decisions, learn from your mistakes, and make better choices to move forward. 

              5. Fight for what you want, and don’t accept failure as a possibility

              The road to individual freedom is messy. If you want to achieve something in your life, fight for it. When you’re taking accountability for your actions, there’d be hurdles on the road towards freedom. You have to be resilient and never accept the possibility of failure in your mind. Your only option should be success. 

              There’ll be many failures along the journey, but you must learn from those hits and never give up. Failures are just steps on the way. You should be better prepared to fight back and move forward if they come again. The only possibility and destination is success.

                6. Know yourself and be kind to yourself

                A great way to get individual freedom is by knowing yourself deeply. You should understand why you value this, why you make this decision, and what you fear or others. Practice self-reflection and constant examination for it. 

                The better you know yourself, the better you can control your actions and avoid mistakes. If you feel any negative thoughts come into your mind about yourself, replace them with positive ones. Focus on the good and be gentle with yourself.

                  7. Be persistent towards your self-betterment

                  Victory comes to those who are relentless, innovative, and fight the hardest. Step out of your comfort zone, track your progress daily or weekly, and examine your wins or losses. Set realistic goals, be intentional, take opportunities, and trust the process.

                   But the important thing is don’t get disappointed if you face bumps in the road. Be persistent and set clear intentions for growth. This mindset will help you achieve your goals and reach your destination.

                    8. Do not just rest on your laurels. Freedom is hard-earned and hard-kept.

                    Lastly, if you want to get individual freedom, you should also know how to maintain it once you get it. As I said at the start of this article, freedom is a never-ending journey.  In our lives, we’re filled with people and systems who’re thrilled to take our freedom away if we get tired of it. 

                    Therefore, you should maintain your freedom and autonomy wisely. Like you track and examine your failures, audit the success the same way. Learn the ways, apply them that way, keep moving forward, and never stop.


                    As an individual, you should be free to pursue your goals, be yourself, live on your terms, and make your own decisions. That’s what individual freedom is. These are the tips that leaders incorporate into their lives, and I followed these ways. They led me to a fulfilled and independent life filled with purpose, growth, pride, achievement, and more. These ways will also help you better yourself and achieve your freedom. With dedication and persistence, you’ll find a unique path to your freedom, best life, and self-growth.

                    If you feel stuck in your life and need any help to foster your individual freedom journey, professional support from a life coach is encouraged. Personal freedom should be the highest aim in life. Everyone deserves freedom from the power of self-doubt, fear, negativity, and living for others. So, follow these tips, seek professional support, and start living your life like you want to. You deserve to create and live your best life!

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                    Vivien Roggero - Elite Transformation and Executive Coach
                    Vivien Roggero - Elite Transformation and Executive Coach
                    Vivien Roggero, an Elite Transformation and Executive Coach, specializes in high-performance coaching and personal transformation, guiding professionals to peak success and fulfillment. With decades of experience, Vivien empowers high achievers, executives, and entrepreneurs through mindset shifts and strategic development.
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