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Embark on a transformative journey with Vivien Roggero, your guide to achieving unparalleled success and freedom in both your personal and professional life. With Elite Transformation Coaching, you’re not just reaching your goals; you’re redefining what’s possible.


Elite Transformation Coaching is a bespoke service tailored for those who demand excellence from themselves and the world around them. Vivien Roggero combines decades of executive leadership experience with a deep understanding of human psychology, strategic business insight, and innovative coaching techniques to unlock your highest potential. This one-on-one coaching engagement for dedicated people, featuring weekly sessions designed to set clear objectives, break through barriers, and implement strategies for significant growth and fulfillment.

Elite Transformation Coaching
"The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude"
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This program is crafted for highly motivated individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders seeking to elevate their performance, leadership skills, and life satisfaction. Whether you’re aiming to scale your business, enhance your leadership presence, or embark on a journey of personal mastery, Vivien’s coaching provides the clarity, strategy, and accountability needed to transform your vision into reality.


Unlocking High-Performance Mindsets

Dive deep into the psychology of success to elevate your mental game, ensuring peak performance in every endeavor. This segment focuses on harnessing the power of your mindset to push beyond conventional limits, crucial for both personal growth and professional excellence.

Navigating Transformation with Precision

Learn the art of personal reinvention through strategic self-discovery and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This area emphasizes the importance of evolving one’s self-perception and capabilities to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Mastering Executive Influence and Impact

Sharpen your leadership edge by developing dynamic strategies for impactful decision-making and inspirational team leadership. This facet is designed for those looking to leave a lasting legacy in their professional spheres by cultivating a culture of success and innovation.

Harmonizing Ambition with Well-Being

Strike the perfect balance between relentless ambition and the essentials of personal well-being. This section is dedicated to those striving to achieve their dreams without compromising their health, relationships, or happiness, ensuring a sustainable path to success.


Choosing Elite Transformation Coaching means selecting a path of growth, freedom, and extraordinary achievement. Apply today to work with Vivien Roggero and begin to craft a more fulfilling life.

The power to craft the life you've always envisioned lies within you. My role is to navigate you through unveiling this potential, tapping into your untapped resources with effective methodologies like the “One Freedom™” framework, and integrating principles of high performance and NLP to transform your vision into reality.

Stories of Transformation


Elite Transformation Coaching with Vivien Roggero is a comprehensive coaching program designed for individuals, executives, and entrepreneurs seeking to achieve unparalleled success in their personal and professional lives. It combines strategic insight, personal development, leadership enhancement, and work-life balance strategies tailored to each client’s unique goals.

This program is ideal for highly motivated individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone committed to achieving significant growth, leadership excellence, and personal fulfillment. It’s particularly beneficial for those ready to take massive action towards their goals.

The foundational pillars of the work Vivien are commitment and presence. This journey is tailored for you to design the life you envision, a process that will flourish and stretch as far as your aspirations go. It’s crucial, therefore, that you respect the scheduled appointments to maintain momentum. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, you should request this to Vivien with advance notice to accommodate and respect both yours and his time. His commitment is to support and steer you towards your goals, ensuring that nothing, not even missed appointments, hampers your path to success.

Vivien’s approach is distinct in its integration of the One Freedom™ Framework, NLP techniques, and a focus on both personal and professional development. This holistic method ensures not just the achievement of goals but also the realization of a fulfilling, balanced life.

You can expect a personalized coaching journey that includes goal setting, strategic planning, mindset shifts, and actionable steps towards your objectives. Vivien provides continuous support, insights, and accountability to guide you through your transformation.

The duration of the Elite Transformation Coaching program varies depending on individual needs and goals but typically ranges from 6 to 18 months. This timeframe allows for deep, impactful work that fosters lasting change.

Yes, each coaching session is structured to maximize progress and impact. Sessions include a review of achievements, challenges, strategic planning, and action steps. The program is flexible to adapt to your evolving goals and needs.

If you’re committed to achieving high performance, leadership excellence, and personal growth, and you’re ready to invest in a transformative journey, then this coaching is likely a perfect fit. Scheduling a discovery session with Vivien is the best way to determine alignment with your goals.

Absolutely. Vivien specializes in empowering clients to achieve significant business and career milestones through strategic insight, leadership development, and performance optimization.

Investment in the Elite Transformation Coaching program varies based on the personalized coaching plan developed for you. Vivien will discuss investment details during your discovery session, ensuring transparency and alignment with your expectations.

Getting started is simple. Schedule a discovery session with Vivien Roggero to discuss your goals, challenges, and aspirations. This initial consultation will lay the foundation for your transformative coaching journey.


Don’t let another day pass without moving closer to the life and success you deserve. Contact Vivien Roggero to discover how Elite Transformation Coaching can redefine your potential and guide you to your ultimate goals.

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