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Signs Your Marriage Will End In A Divorce

When couples tie a knot, they promise to be together “till death do us apart.” They believe this will last forever, and moving apart is the last thing on their minds. Despite it, many married couples end up divorcing, and they don’t know what went wrong in their relationship, and their marriage becomes a temporary relationship instead of lifelong love.

Marriage is riddled with ups and downs, and even the best couples hit rough patches. So, it takes a lot of effort and continuous work from both partners to maintain a long-term healthy relationship. The moment you start taking things for granted and problems are not addressed, cracks begin to take hold, and they lead to the erosion of marriage. Losing a healthy relationship with your loved one because you ignored warning signs of divorce is the most painful experience. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of signs of marriages will end in a divorce to assess whether you can work through the issues to save your marriage or you should consider getting a divorce.

In this article, I have discussed 15 signs your marriage will end up in divorce. Hopefully, these 15 signs from relationship experts might help you salvage a relationship or prepare for a final separation if necessary. So, if you’re wondering about your marriage or feeling restless and dissatisfied, it is recommended to pay attention to these warning signs from experts. Read on to learn about these most common indicators of divorce.

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15 signs of marriages will end in a divorce

Here are the most common signs you should not ignore in your marriage that indicate your marriage is likely end in a divorce.

1. The lack of intimacy

Lack Of Intimacy Is A Sign Your Marriage May End In A Divorce
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We all know physical intimacy plays a vital role in every relationship. The lack of emotional and physical intimacy is one of the surest signs your marriage will end in a divorce. Lack of interest in sex and touch deprivation can spell the end of a marriage. Physical intimacy is a way to express love and affection daily, not just at the beginning of the marriage. The lack of physical intimacy is the major sin a divorce is imminent, and it causes communication and commitment problems.

2. You’re starting to grow apart; the gap is widening

Poor communication and over-scheduling work commitments are strong indicators that your marriage will end in a divorce. If you and your spouse are growing apart due to unhealthy communication and moving through life in mute mode, it increases the distance and is a clear sign of divorce. To cope with it, you need to talk with your partner about everything and spend time together.

3. There’s no respect in the relationship

Mutual respect is one of the significant aspects of healthy relationships. Anyone makes mistakes and has different choices, you may or may not agree with your partner, but you need to respect each other’s values. If your spouse does not treat you respectfully, it is a warning sign that your marriage will end in a divorce. Moreover, you can fix it by discussing issues with your partner and listening to each other. Lack of respect means you’re in a toxic & unhappy marriage.

4. It’s either you’re arguing all the time or never at all

Wife And Husband Arguing Which End In A Divorce
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You’re supposed to argue in a relationship. According to relationship experts, a good argument makes the relationship stronger. The problem arises when you are constantly in a fight with your spouse or when you are not bothered by anything and stay silent. Therefore, if you never argue or end up arguing constantly, it is one of the 15 signs your marriage will likely to end in a divorce.

5. You’re still in it only for the kids’ sake

Kids help strengthen marital relationships. But if you and your partner continue to live together just for the kid’s sake, this marriage will not work out long-term. Such marriage is pointless and difficult for the children. Therefore, it is better to separate it than hold it only for the kids’ sake.

6. Feeling lonely, and yet you enjoy being apart from your spouse

Lack of communication and growing apart create a wall between partners. If you and your partner feel alone but enjoy spending time apart from each other, then it is a sign of trouble in paradise. It means you tend to escape from the situation rather than deal with it. If you believe your life will be much better without a spouse and don’t want to go home from work, this is an obvious sign that your marriage will end in a divorce.

7. Financial infidelity

Vivien Roggero | Elite Transformation Coach | Photo 1601597111158 2Fceff292Cdc?Ixlib=Rb 1.2
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Financial infidelity is one of the top reasons for an unhappy marriage. A study found that 36.7% divorces caused by financial problems. If you and your partner have trouble discussing big financial decisions and hiding financial facts from each other, consider it as a significant warning that your marriage may end in a divorce. It is referred to as dishonesty about money when your spouse hides facts about finances. Financial infidelity is another major sin that leads to serious trust issues in married couples.

8. One of you is continuously cheating

Cheating is the top marriage breaker. Trust is essential in a healthy relationship. So, if your spouse constantly betrays you, it is terrible news for your marriage.

9. You keep fantasizing about ending your marriage

If a mental divorce has already happened, how can a marriage work? If you keep fantasizing about ending your marriage and dreaming of a life without your spouse, it is a clear sign your marriage will end. Thus, if you feel better dreaming about ending your relationship, you should think about the quality of your relationship.

10. Your partner is a narcissist

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With a narcissist partner, marriage is not easy. If your partner dominates you constantly, tells you what to do or what not to do, ignores your needs, and seems superior to you, it is time to rethink your marriage to make things manageable so it does not reach the point where your marriage will end in a divorce.

11. One or both of you are having mental issues

If your marriage affects your mental health and you or your spouse feels depressed & anxious due to problems in your relationship, it can lead to loss of love. Having mental issues is a sign you want separation for peace.

12. Someone has an addiction

Addictions are major sins that kill relationships. Half of the relationships end in a divorce when one partner has an addiction. It can be alcohol, drugs, or gambling addiction. If your partner has any of these addictions, it can majorly threaten your marriage. You can treat it by paying attention to their routine and helping them follow a healthy lifestyle.

13. The discovery of sexual orientation

Founding A New Sexual Orientation May Be A Sign Your Marriage Will End In A Divorce
Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

Another warning sign of divorce is the discovery of the sexual orientation of your spouse. If your spouse is attracted to the particular sex and their sexual activities & thoughts focus on them, you can not change it. It is a sign of a lack of affection & emotional attraction in your relationship, which can cause an unhappy marriage.

14. There has been domestic violence

A big factor behind marriages end in a divorce is domestic violence. Physical, mental, and psychological abuse is an obvious sign of divorce. The reality is; that if domestic violence happened once, it’d have been again. No marriage is worth suffering the indignity & affecting your health and safety.

15. You’ve given up your marriage

Last but not least, not communicating with each other, not making efforts, not showing affection & making time for each other means you’ve given up your marriage. It’s a clear sign that you have started picturing life without your partner and don’t care about your relationship. When you reach this point, the fact is your marriage is going to end in a divorce.

Bottom line

Relationships are complicated, and even successful relationships go through highs and lows. Therefore, knowing when to end the marriage or seek a therapist is significant. If you’re experiencing any of these warning signs your marriage will end in a divorce, you should seek advice from a marriage and family therapist to avoid a disaster. A peaceful separation is far better than domestic violence. Also, the best thing is to talk with your partner to solve the issues.

Dealing with an unhappy marriage or the end of a marriage is stressful and overwhelming. If you consider getting a divorce and want to consult before making a decision, schedule a free discovery call with me. I’d love to answer your questions about divorce, unhealthy relationships, and other related issues. Maybe your true love is somewhere else.

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