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Humans are always looking for stress relief strategies with no side effects. Many try medications, exercise, and talk therapy, but an alternative technique for it has emerged that helps heals anxiety, depression, fear, and emotional pain. It’s called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping. EFT tapping is a five-step technique used to treat several mental health disorders.

Now the questions arise- How does it work? What are the five steps in EFT Tapping? What are the advantages of EFT Tapping? Well, we’ll discuss all these things about this treatment in detail. Continue reading the article and learn interesting facts about this therapeutic technique. 

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What is EFT Tapping? 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping is an alternative therapy for physical pain, anxiety, and PTSD. It is also referred to as psychological acupressure or tapping. This powerful stress-relief technique was developed in the 1990s by psychotherapist Gary Craig. In this technique, you tap on nine meridian points to restore your body energy, create balance and treat pain. While doing this, you focus on the pain you want to treat. The meridian points you tap on for EFT are like those points used for acupuncture.

EFT tapping combines elements from modern psychology and ancient Chinese acupressure. This self-help technique has been used to treat people with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, stress, phobias, and other problems. Luckily, you can learn it quickly and do it anywhere, anytime. 

5 Steps in EFT tapping 

EFT tapping is a five-step self-help technique because you can do it whenever you feel the need. It takes almost two minutes to complete the sequence. If you want to treat more than one issue, you can repeat this five-step sequence. Lower-intensity issues or fears might require four or five rounds. 

In contrast, intense issues take ten or twelve rounds to reduce or eliminate the intensity of the problem. However, chronic issues are best treated with consistent EFT tapping over time. You’ll get the best results by tapping consistently. Follow these five steps to do EFT tapping and eliminate the intensity of your negative feeling.

1. Identify the Issue and Emotion

Begin by identifying the issue or fear you have and you wish to resolve because you’ll be focusing on it while you are tapping. Focusing on only one issue at a time is recommended as it will enhance your outcome. 

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2. Rate your intensity level

After identifying the problem, rate the intensity level of your emotion on a scale from 0-10- with zero being no intensity and ten being the worst. The scale level assesses the pain and discomfort you feel from your problem. After completing an EFT, this ranking system will help you monitor your progress and assess the effectiveness of tapping.  

3. Make the set-up statement

Before initiating tapping, create a set-up phrase with two parts. The first part is about acknowledging the issue, and the second is about self-acceptance despite the problem. For example, the set-up phrase can be:

“Even though I feel anxious, I fully accept myself, or I fully honor my feelings.”

4. EFT Tapping Sequence

Begin tapping on meridian points while repeating the set-up phrase three times. Tap gently with pressure, and you can use any hand to tap. While tapping the ascending points, speak the reminder phase to focus on your problem and fear. Also, repeat the tap almost five times on each tapping point. Besides, you can use two or more fingertips to tap. 

The tapping points or meridian points are the following:

    • Karate chop (KC)

    • Top of the head (TH)

    • Eyebrow (EB)

    • Side of the eye (SE)

    • Under the eye (UE)

    • Under the nose (UN)

    • Chin point (CH)

    • Beginning of collarbone (CB)

    • Under the arm (UA)

5. Rate the intensity again

After tapping at the end of the sequence, rate the intensity of the issue you’re focusing on from 0-10. Now, compare your results with the initial intensity level. It’s normal not to feel any change after only one sequence. Therefore, repeat the EFT process unless your intensity level is reduced to below three. 

How does EFT tapping work?

EFT tapping utilizes elements of exposure, cognitive, and somatic therapies. The technique focuses on meridian points, just like acupuncture and acupressure. EFT tapping restores the energy balance of your body. According to EFT advocates, restoring the energy balance resolves physical and emotional problems. 

Based on Chinese medicines, proponents believe meridian points are areas through which energy flows. Balanced energy flows maintain your health, and any imbalances or blocks to energy flows lead to sickness and disease. EFT tapping can work like mindfulness as it also draws a person’s attention to their breathing and body.

In EFT tapping, you use your fingertips to apply pressure. Tapping the meridian points reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to mental health conditions. Thus stimulating these points through an EFT relieves the stress you feel from the issue and restores your energy balance. 

Advantages EFT tapping 

As a self-help therapeutic technique, EFT tapping has significant advantages over conventional treatment.

    • It is simple and painless.

    • It is easy to learn and easy to do.

    • It is inexpensive.

    • It gives you the power to heal yourself and overcome your fears.

    • It is less time-consuming.

    • It reduces distress that causes problems.

    • It is a natural treatment and has no side effects.

    • Lastly, this self-help technique can produce fast results.

EFT tapping can use for :

Since its development, several studies and research have demonstrated the effectiveness of EFT tapping for several mental health conditions. Let’s take a look at these conditions.


The bulk of research found that EFT tapping helped reduce symptoms related to anxiety. The researchers reported that people experienced significant reductions in anxiety as well as in pain levels. In addition, according to other research, students with anxiety reported that EFT tapping helped them feel relaxed and calmer.

EFT Tapping for Depression

A survey of 20 studies reported that the EFT technique was highly effective in reducing depression symptoms compared to conventional treatments. Also, the improvements in symptoms lasted for a long-time.

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EFT Tapping for PTSD

The analysis of seven studies showed that integrating EFT tapping into the treatment for PTSD significantly reduces symptoms, including insomnia, isolation, flashbacks, nightmares, aggression, and hypervigilance. Also, no adverse effects occurred with this treatment. 

Final Thoughts

EFT tapping is an alternative therapy treatment that is easy to learn and can help you feel better quickly. If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, or chronic pain, consider EFT tapping. It has been an authorized treatment, and many success stories exist about it. Most importantly, It is good to consult your doctor and therapist before pursuing this alternative therapy.

While self-treatment with EFT tapping may help you feel better, it is imperative to seek professional help from an experienced therapist, life coach, or mental health professional. 

Are you dealing with any mental health problems? Want to start EFT tapping and learn the steps? Feel free to reach out to me via a free-of-cost 60-min discovery call. I’ll help you work through this tough time and provide you with the tools to find the answers to your problems and lead a stress-free life. 

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