Practicing Gratitude: 10 Ways to Be Grateful in Hard Times

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How to Be Grateful in Hard Times – By practicing gratitude, people can learn to appreciate what they already have in their hands. Instead of constantly seeking out more things in the hopes that they will improve their lives or believing that they won’t be content until all of their monetary and bodily needs have been addressed.

Refocusing on what they have rather than what they need is aided by gratitude. And even though it might seem fabricated initially, this state of mind gets stronger with practice and repetition. Here we will discuss how to practice gratitude!

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The power of gratitude

Do you know that research says that practicing gratitude merely for 5 minutes every day will make you 25% more content and happier? While finding gratitude in the best time of life is natural, it is worth doing in tough times of your life.

The majority of the investigation on gratitude has been conducted by Drs. Robert A. Emmons and Michael E. McCullough, two psychiatrists. In one study, all subjects were required to write a couple lines every week with a concentration on specific topics.

One group commented about the week’s events for which they were grateful. The second group wrote about annoyances they encountered daily or other issues, while the third group discussed life-changing experiences (without stating them being positive or negative. Individuals who penned about gratitude were more upbeat and felt happier about their lives following 10 weeks. Interestingly, compared to those who concentrated on irritation causes, respondents also exercised better and saw doctors less frequently.

Obviously, research like this cannot establish cause and consequence. However, the majority of studies on this subject are in favor of a link between happiness and gratitude.

Finding gratitude: being grateful in both good and bad times

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When you feel love, earn a sizable paycheck, a unique present, or just get a new car, it is easy to be grateful. But can you also be thankful if your boss fires you or you ruin your car in an accident?

The best days can be brightened by gratitude, the only emotion that can get you through difficult times. It is neither unimportant nor its fashion. It is a way to cope that helps. Ups and downs are a part of life; if you don’t relish your bad days with gratitude, it will only worsen your condition.

Appreciative people feel more joy, pleasure, and optimism in their existence. This makes them more generous, compassionate and forgiving towards others. 

How to be grateful in hard times

Gratitude is associated with better physical health. When your body is healthy, you will get the power and endurance to manage the added stress, and your overall well-being will also increase.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to give importance to your physical health if you’re currently experiencing stress. Undoubtedly, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising is vital, but so is adopting a grateful mindset.

Additionally, gratitude has been demonstrated to have a long-lasting good impact on people who battle mental health conditions, including despair and anxiety. Even a basic gratitude writing routine can improve your moods in the short term and increase your capacity for thankfulness over time.

So, if you’re struggling to handle life’s craziness, practicing gratitude might be one of the best all-natural cures you can find.

And the following behaviors will assist you in doing just that.

1. Acceptance; some things just don’t go your way

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Accepting and then welcoming any roadblocks to finding thankfulness is necessary for understanding how to be grateful under challenging circumstances.

People need time to grieve when the unexpected occurs in life, and it’s normal to be upset for a while. But continuing to suffer rather than figuring out how to handle it will not be helpful.

No matter how many self-help books you read, relying on God’s word is the only method to deal with life’s challenges. Lean on the personalities in the Bible who had to face their trials.

In the Bible, several accounts of people who faced difficulties yet still turned to God. It will remind you how to find gratitude in your most challenging times.

2. Look back at what you’ve done and be proud that you made it this far

Your ongoing situation might be disturbing, but your past must be unique. You can channel the energy from the past to cope with difficult times. Was your boss happy with you when you helped him win a project? Or do you make your parents proud? It is okay if you have rough times at your job or you have any other issues. You can use your previous success to move forward in your tough times and rise again like a phoenix from ashes.

3. Forgive and learn to let things go

You should do your most challenge to refrain from complaining if you genuinely want to show thanks. Even while it can feel fantastic to let everything out occasionally, you should make it a practice to focus more on the good aspects of your life than the bad.

You’ll be more likely to express thankfulness if you focus on being happy rather than finding things to complain about.

You won’t be able to notice everything if you constantly complain. Learn to forgive and forget bad things. Instead, focus on the good, and life will be good.

4. Begin with the most minor things around you

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You could overlook several beautiful things in life since they aren’t always evident or significant. Try to recall all the little things you were grateful for during the day. There will probably be several little things that together make a great day. To help you practice being grateful, try to be conscious of all the positive aspects of your life, no matter how small.

5. Start your own gratitude journal

Keep a gratitude journal to record all the reasons you’re grateful every week if you wish to make being appreciative a lifestyle.

Simply choose a day of the week to complete it—perhaps Sunday evening. Write down 10 to 20 reasons you are grateful for that particular week.

Although it may not seem like there is much to be thankful for, if you take the time to reflect, you will find that you have a lot in your life to be appreciative for.

You’ll be surprised to recognize how much you genuinely have to be thankful for if you review your journal simply once a month.

6. Stop worrying about what’s out of your control

Being in the present rather than dwelling on the memory or the future is a critical component of leading a life that is more full of gratitude. You should stop worrying about what you cannot control.

If you concentrate on appreciating your path, you’ll likely be much more appreciative of every minute of the way. Being in the present will assist you in embracing every step you take, every face you see, and every mouthful of food you consume.

Try not to harbor resentments or become mired in the past. Rather than becoming resentful over past setbacks, be thankful for the connections you have now.

7. Try meditating

Meditating Could Help You To Be Grateful In Hard Times
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Yoga is about cultivating gratitude and giving your body and mind a sign of appreciation and happiness. Make sure you attend at least two or three yoga courses weekly to incorporate appreciation into your daily life.

8. Do the random acts of kindness

One of the best ways to exercise gratefulness for the world around you is to perform a random kindness gesture.

You can give someone a favor out of kindness, send a card to a random person, put coins in a lapsed ticket machine, or pay the tolling fee for the car following you in secret.

The best factor about this is that you are doing a good deed without anyone knowing.

9. Read motivation books or blogs

Books can be a beneficial resource when you discover gratitude in your own life. You will be reminded of all the things you were thankful for in life after reading a book about appreciation that you might have otherwise forgotten about. Daily thankfulness meditations or readings from books or blogs can significantly aid in making gratitude a habit. Find novels that inspire and give you hope to get through difficult times.s

10. Express your gratitude towards the people you love

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Even if you appreciate your friends, family, health, and situations, it might not always be simple to know how to say it. You must be compassionate, transparent, and driven by a desire to uplift others to show your thanks. Don’t be shy; take the time necessary to express to them how much they truly mean to you. Remember that a life filled with gratitude is a happy one.

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The takeaway?

We are not claiming that practicing gratitude can suddenly transport you back to a happy and blissful state. We are not even claiming that every bad situation has a good point. Some problems might simply blow you around because they are enormous and rough.

However, if you need assistance to get through the terrible times, try being grateful. It is a coping mechanism that enables you to endure when you aren’t sure you can.

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